Battery-Powered Equipment: 


Man using Stihl battery operated blower in front of house

STIHL has the proper quick fix for all those urgent, small-scale duties in the garden in its cordless product territory. The equipment and tools feature slick and stylish design, making them awfully easy to handle, while their low weight and integrated battery also makes the hedge trimmer, blower and brush cutter easier to operate. Even better, these cordless tools don’t call for extensive preparation before using them. Visit Cardwell Home Center and talk to an educated associate to get started. #RealSTIHL

  • Cordless shrub shears and hedge trimmer
  • Cordless Blower
  • Cordless Brushcutter/Trimmer
  • Cordless Chainsaws
  • Cordless Lawn Mowers
  • Cordless Accessories

Some Pros of Battery/Electric Equipment

Stihl battery operated weed eater being used by a brick wall

Hopefully, this info will support and guide you to decide which lawn equipment might be more helpful for you. There are some pros of electric/battery equipment as opposed to gas. For battery/electric tools there is no motor to maintain - so no spark plugs, oil, or filters to change. It needs minimal instruction, notably if you are the kind of person that doesn’t keep up gas lawn equipment properly or often. The keep up needs for battery/electric – would be things like sharpening blades, changing out batteries, and lubricating things when needed. Also – there is an instant start component, whereas for gas equipment you have to pull the string.

These pros are just a part of the things to remember when thinking about buying battery/electric tools. Surely this has helped you choose which one you need to go with. STIHL is in the Indianapolis area – and is rated as the number one TOP 6 Chainsaw brands that you can count on. (According to

So stop in and talk to a helpful Cardwell Home Center associate to show you some benefits about STIHL equipment to get your project complete. We’re confident you will see us as your battery powered equipment supplier.

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